THE DAY IS YOURS - How to Avoid Stress and Enjoy Your Dream Wedding Day

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Planning your wedding can be difficult and sometimes stressful work, so it is easy to see how a bride and groom can get burned out during the process.  But take heart! There are several ways to relieve stress and prevent burnout so the two of you won't be complete wrecks by the big wedding day event.

Give Yourself a Free Weekend

One way to help relieve the tension is to give yourselves a weekend of not having to think about or plan your wedding day. Just be a couple in love and enjoy each other's company. Go do something fun like going on a date like you used to do and let the rest of the world handle things on its own.  Take a romantic getaway in Illinois and spend the weekend with us!

Work Out or Go For a Spa Day

To get your tired, stressed out body feeling great again, make time to exercise or go somewhere to get pampered with a spa day. Exercising releases endorphins, which help make you feel good and less sluggish, which fights off stress. Plus, getting pampered with a massage, facial, or other spa activities can also relax your body and make your feel fantastic.

Designate someone to be your key go-to person

The bride and groom shouldn't be the one that vendors and others come to in order to get all the plans done for the wedding. In order to feel less stressed, designate a trusted person to handle all the details and give them your permission to be your wedding planner spokesperson. Or, hire a professional wedding planner to handle your vendors. Either way it makes it less stressful to the bride and groom.  At White Pines Weddings, we are happy to coordinate all the details for you, ensuring a stress free and beautiful wedding day!

Read Old Love Notes and Letters

Make yourselves feel loved and secure by reading the letters or notes you’ve written each other to show your love and feelings for each other. It can help you to relive the experiences together and create more bonding and loving feelings. This in turn will help to ease your stress and remind you why you decided to get married to each other in the first place.

Drink Water and Eat Nutritious Meals

If you are feeling stressed, you might resort to skipping meals or forget to stay hydrated. If so, that is bad for the body and will cause even more stress or burnout so be sure that you are taking the time to sit down to a healthy meal and to carry around a bottle of water so that you can stay hydrated. If you can't always eat regular meals, at least eat some healthy snacks that will give you energy like nuts or fruit.

All in all getting married can be scary and stressful and it's not abnormal to get burned out. However, if you follow these suggestions, you are less likely to end up haggard and stressed for your big day. Have a happy wedding day by keeping calm, cool and collected with these great tips.   

Personalized service from start to finish and a warm, welcome feeling is what you will experience while planning your wedding day at White Pines.

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